Particle Roadshow 2019: How Opti Helped Albany, NY Build A Resilient Watershed with IoT

In September 2019, the Opti team joined us at the Particle Roadshow in Boston to share how they helped the City of Albany, New York build a connected water management system to proactively counteract flooding and environmental runoff in their city.

Opti is revolutionizing the field of stormwater management with its Particle-powered Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control (CMAC) system. This smart drainage system proactively monitors weather forecasts and actuates drainage valves to minimize flooding and environmentally hazardous run-off. And with Particle, they’ve found a more stable, scalable, and robust IoT platform to support their mission of public safety and sustainability.

“Our customers use the IoT-enabled technology we provide to gain visibility and enhance the performance of their stormwater assets.”

Alex Bedig, VP of Technology at Opti, starts his presentation by explaining how the city of Albany adopted the CMAC system, and how IoT technology is helping them build a resilient watershed. Watch below to learn how Opti helped a traditional city become a connected one, and how they helped them overcome common IoT adoption hurdles: 

Founded in 2007, Opti is a technology company focused on monitoring and control of stormwater infrastructure. By uniquely combining sensor data, weather forecasts, and proprietary algorithms to optimize stormwater infrastructure through active, cloud-based control, Opti’s systems lower the cost and risk of managing stormwater. You can learn more about Opti here.

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