How-to build firmware locally with Particle Workbench

With Particle Workbench, you can perform OTA compile and flash just as with the Web IDE, but Workbench also supports local compile and flash so you can perform builds on your machine, and flash firmware over USB.

In this video, you’ll learn how to use Particle Workbench to perform local firmware compilation, as well as how to flash firmware binaries to a USB-connected device. In addition, you’ll learn how Particle Workbench unobtrusively manages a local compiler toolchain in a way that’s guaranteed not to conflict with other toolchains installed on your local machine.

For other videos covering the basics of working with Particle devices, such as learning how Particle Over-the-Air updates work, check out our Particle 101 series on YouTube. If you have questions about using Particle variables, functions, or anything else in the Particle platform, visit us in the Particle Community.

Author Bio

Brandon Satrom is Sr. Manager for Developer Relations at Particle. An unabashed lover of the web, mobile and an avid tinkerer, Brandon loves to talk about sensors and circuits, microcontrollers, open source, robots and whatever new shiny tool or technology has distracted him from that other thing he was working on. Brandon has spoken at national, international and online events, and is the author of four books. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife, Sarah, and three sons, Benjamin, Jack, and Matthew.