New Report: 2019 state of IoT by Particle

The IoT industry is in an era of rapid proliferation, with industry experts projecting that IoT will have a total potential economic impact of up to $11.1 trillion a year by 2025.

With so much opportunity, it makes sense why so many are looking to connect their products and enter the IoT arena. However, as more and more companies enter the space, they are facing unparalleled challenges when building and deploying IoT projects.

That’s why, this year, we surveyed over 800 IoT product creators to weigh in on the economic opportunity and development challenges associated with the Internet of Things.

We analyzed the responses from these professionals to create a comprehensive report that explores the challenges and value of building an IoT product. We’re excited to release the first Particle 2019 State of IoT Report. With the findings from this report, we hope to give you the insights that enable you to progress to the next phase of your IoT journey.


What is in the report?

This report touches on everything from top IoT business use cases to the most challenging IoT development tasks. Some highlights include:

  • Industries most likely to invest in IoT solutions
  • Trends on most bullish IoT industries
  • Top IoT business use cases
  • What decisions product creators make first when starting an IoT project
  • IoT development challenges across industries

Why did we conduct this survey?

Our goal with this survey was to understand the views of product creators on the challenges and value of building an IoT product. One of the most inspiring things about working at Particle is learning from our customers, and seeing how they leverage IoT to solve real problems in the world. Thank you to all survey respondents who shared their perspectives, challenges, and wins.

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Author Bio

Content Strategist at Particle - Discovering how the world is using real IoT one story at a time.