Announcing Particle’s Makerspace Empowerment Program

From dimly lit middle school shop classes to state of the art hackerspaces nestled in bright startup incubators, Makerspaces provide the setting for the sparks of creativity to fly. Some truly brilliant projects and products are birthed in collaborative Makerspaces, and we want to help.

Makerspace supply program

The Particle Makerspace Empowerment Program supplies local Makerspaces with hardware, special discounts, and dedicated support, all free of charge.

If accepted, your Makerspace will receive a package of free Particle hardware in the mail including:

  • Two Particle Photon Maker Kits
  • Four Particle Photon Kits
  • A unique Particle discount promo code

Use here to submit an application to Particle-power your local Makerspace.

Additionally, you’ll be put in direct contact with the Particle Community Support Team, ensuring your projects will be shared with our greater developer community. If that’s something you’d like to do, of course!

Some of the best ideas on Earth come from the heart of local communities, and we want to supply some hardware to help bring them to life.

Apply for your free hardware today.

Author Bio

Joe Quinn is the Community Manager at Particle. He is a part of the Particle for Good team and runs the Makerspace Empowerment Program. Say hi! He's always interested in hearing stories from the people who make Particle's community so special: