5 Particle IoT Holiday Hacks in Time for the Black Friday Sale

The holiday season is here, which means way more time to spend on your current or next IoT project. If you need to re-stock your Particle parts, take advantage of our Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale! Buy a Photon Kit with an Electron 2G Kit for a total of $59, plus free shipping in the US for all orders over $75 (and international orders over $125).

The sale is on, but only for the weekend! Shop it now before it ends.

On to the hacks! From controllable lights to a bourbon tracker, what will you build this holiday season?

Level up your holiday giving in a custom Christmas Box

Photon – Intermediate

Let your pet roam like Rudolph with doggy door and tracker

Photon + Electron – Intermediate


Stay in touch with distant loved ones through light communications

Photon – Advanced

Build your own holiday light show with Alexa controlled lights

Photon – Intermediate

Image: Adafruit NeoPixel Ring

Keep your eggnog spiked during the holiday with auto notifications on your whiskey inventory

Photon – Intermediate

Image: Veggie Primer

Get your Photon Kit (retail $29) with an Electron 2G Kit (retail $49) for just $59, plus free shipping in the US for all orders over $75. The Particle Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale kicks off at 12:01am EST Friday November 24th and ends 11:59pm PT Monday November 28th. Visit store.particle.io

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Meghan is the Director of Developer Marketing at Particle.

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