Cation: The Future of Cellular is Cats

The Particle Cation: GPS + Solar + Cellular Internet

When we first started talking about cellular, we knew asset tracking was a game changer. We were going to be able to keep track of all kinds of things we used to lose track of! Bikes, luggage, we even misplaced our container ship once!

But our primary motivation in creating the Electron, Asset Tracker, and Solar Kit was to bring you



The Cation makes it easier to keep track of everything in your life, especially your cat. Specifically designed for cats of all sizes, the Cation includes an Electron, Asset Tracker, Solar Shield, and Solar Panel harness.


The Cation piggybacks on the cat’s natural desire to nap in sunny patches to make it an excellent solar tracker and retain charge through all the cat’s adventures.

Use your Cation for novel purposes such as:


Note: Your Cation may not work properly in the following environments: rain, laser pointers, under bed, on top of fridge, inside fridge, ponds, litterbox

The Particle Cation: Cellular IoT for Cats! from Particle on Vimeo.

Huge thanks to Christine Sunu for the concept, graphics, and video production help!

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Richard is the VP of Product at Particle. You'll often find him writing requirements, doing competitive research, putting together roadmaps, and guiding our engineering teams.

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